Village Poets at Lit Crawl LA, October 2016

Maja, Joe, Elsa, Marlene at Lit Crawl LA 2016

Shahe Mankerian, with Shandy & Eva, October 23, 2016

Elline Lipkin, Steven McCormick and Heather Donavon, August 2016

McCormick and Donavon perform, August 2016

Word Bites at McGroarty Arts Center, August 2015

Village Poets at Word Bites, Maja, Marlene, Elsa with Ed Rosenthal

Bill Cushing and Chuck Corbusiero, July 2016

Bill and Chuck with Village Poets, Maja, Marlene and Joe

Lois P. Jones and Alice Pero, April 2016

Georgia Jones-Davis, March 2016

Eddy M. Gana Jr. and Stephanie Sajor, February 2016

Teresa Mei Chuc, and Seven Dhar, January 2016

Westside Women Writers at McGroarty Arts Center, August 2015

Village Poets at the Independence Day Parade, July 2015

Maja and Joe, 2015

Foothill Poetry Festival, April 2015

Jerry Garcia with Marcia de la O, May 2016

Louis J. Rodriguez, LA Poet Laureate, October 2015

Teresa Mei Chuc, and Ross Canton, January 2015

La Crescenta Library Animal Poetry Exhibit and Reading, 2015

Peggy Dobreer, September 2014

Elsa S. Frausto, Poet Laureate of ST, July 2014

Elsa Frausto and Joe DeCenzo in Independence Day Parade, July 2014

Fourth of July Parade, 2014

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