Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Independence Day Parade and July 22 with Marlene Hitt and Dorothy Skiles in Montrose

The Parade in 2011, Photo by Susan Rogers

The Village Poets Convertible will carry Pam Shea, Poet Laureate of Sunland Tujunga for 2017-2018 this year, in the Sunland-Tujunga Fourth of July Parade on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, starting at 10 a.m. The Annual Independence Day Parade takes place on Foothill Blvd, down from Mt. Gleason St. to the Sunland Park. Many representatives of government and community organizations participate, including the Little Landers Historical Society, the Verdugo Hills High School and other local schools, firemen, police, bikers' clubs, and more. Village Poets have had a regular presence since 2010 and below you can see some photos. In celebration, let us read some poems, suitable for the occasion.

Photo by Pam Shea


by Pamela Shea

Today I performed a most humbling act
I repaired my home flag, dear Old Glory
I stitched frayed seams with reverential care
While it whispered to me its story

It took me to places where it had been
To battlefields, parades, and many graves
It took me to places of the deepest sorrow
Also to sunny, celebratory days

I envisioned faces of many heroes
Of all colors, races, ages, and creeds
We journeyed to mountaintops and valleys
Commemorating countless courageous deeds

Frayed seams reminded me of frayed families
I thought of all soldiers, alive, dead, or maimed
Thoughts of generations flooded my mind
So many lives for freedom forever changed

I finished my sewing with thankfulness
Completing this sacred task with a prayer
My heart was warmed by appreciation
As I proudly posted the colors with care

(c) 2015 by Pam Shea

Dorothy Skiles with Joe Decenzo at the Parade


by Dorothy Skiles

The Fourth of July’s
Night skies are alight with stars
In celebration

Of our nation’s birth.!
Red, white, blues of many hues
Dance before our eyes.

Children frolic about,
Lovers snuggle on the lawn
All want to stay ‘till dawn!

(c) 2012 by Dorothy Skiles

Joe DeCenzo drives the parade car, 2014

Maja Trochimczyk with daughter Ania, at the Parade, 2010

Joe DeCenzo drumming at the Parade, 2015

Dorothy Skiles, Maja Trochimczyk, Marlene Hitt at the Parade, 2013

Village Poets at the Parade, 2014

Village Poets at the Parade, 2015


Due to an exhibition being held at Bolton Hall Museum, Village Poets' July meeting has been moved to nearby Montrose where the Library will present Dorothy Skiles and Marlene Hitt, in a double feature of Village Poets. Below is the flyer for the event produced by the Montrose Library, located at 2465 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose. The reading will start at 3 p.m. See you there!

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