Sunday, January 2, 2022

Village Poets Present Diane Lee Moomey and the California Quarterly 47:4 on Sunday, January 23, 4:30 pm, on Zoom

Wind Water Woman: Snowmelt by Diane Lee Moomey

Village Poets of Sunland Tujunga invite poets and poetry lovers to the first reading of 2022 held on zoom (send requests of the link to, on Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 4:30 pm.  The featured poet will be Diane Lee Moomey and the additional feature will present poets and poetry published in the California Quarterly vol. 47 no. 4, edited by William Scott Galasso. 


Diane Lee Moomey has lived and wandered around the US and Canada and now lives in Half Moon Bay, California, where she co-hosts a monthly poetry series, “Coastside Poetry”. Through Foothill College’s Disability Resource division, she also offers a weekly class in poetry appreciation to older adults.

A regular at Bay Area poetry venues, her work has appeared in The MacGuffin, Light, THINK, Mezzo Cammin, MacQueen’s Quinterly, PoeTalk, Caesura and Red Wheelbarrow, and been nominated for a Pushcart prize. She is the author of four poetry collections, the newest of which, Make For Higher Ground, is available now from Barefoot Muse Press.

A review of the book was recently published in CSPS Poetry Letter no. 4, 2021, and posted on the CSPS blog:

Diane is also a watercolorist and collage artist, an experience that both seeds and is seeded by, her poetic imagery. Visit her at

Wearing Snakes


I let them wrap around my wrists, the sleek

green scales so like the gold link

bracelet Mother wears to parties. So like―

I close my eyes while wearing one and feel


the other. In summer’s green beside the fence,

by long stems my father’s mower doesn’t

reach, I wait, place my wrist on mullein,

grasses, dock. They part. I intercept


and lift, feel it wrap. Snake will twine

around an arm, always: body taut

and steadying itself against a fall.

(Ruby tongue flicks in and out). In my


own world I am, (ruby tongue tastes),

the only little girl who wears snakes.


     Diane Lee Moomey    

                                         published in Caesura, 2018                                       

Red Canoe by Diane Lee Moomey


William Scott Galasso edited the California Quarterly vol. 47 no. 4, Winter 2021, featuring many great poems and a cover by Vera Campion.  There will be a section of the reading dedicated to this issue of CQ published by the California State Poetry Society.   Table of contents, editorial note  and bio, as well as the CSPS President's Newsbriefs 4/2021 are posted on the CSPS Blog: